Opaque plastic bag
Experimenting with Blender simulations and mobile view dimensions.
Experimenting with After Effects mobile view dimensions.
Walk pt.3
Experimenting with After Effects mobile view dimensions.
Clip from "Numb", that was a collaborative performance, that was done by me, choreographer and dance artist Maya Oliva and noise musician 111X..
Museum Archives
Poster design experimenting with the Sinebrychoff Art Museum archives, which is a part of the larger Finnish National Gallery.
Untitled photo collage
Photography collage made from a close up shot of my own eye.
For A2B2
Short beat made entirely out of the samples from A2B2's Gloomy Sample Pack, and it inspired me to create these motion graphics to go along with it.
Filters and contrast tools
The idea was to distort the original image as much as possible without making it unrecognizable to a human face.
Joy From Peace
Addition for A SHORT GLIMPSE OF JOY series
Live @ Merikerho
Clip from my VJ set at Merikerho. Original paintings sourced from The Finnish National Gallery.
Live @ Aavistus Festival
Clip from my VJ set at the Aavistus festival.Aavistus is a biennial of audiovisual art & VJ culture organised in Helsinki. This work was presented during the festival 6.-9.10.2022 in Valkoinen Sali.
Live @ Home
Clip from late afternoon jam session at home.
Live @ Vapaan Taiteen Tila
Exenakis Gauzes live performance at the first edition of ATELO, that was held in Vapaan Taiteen Tila
Noise field_1
Edited clip from Perlin noise experiments made with p5js. In this experiment I used two different images to visualise Perlin noise in action.
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